Soap Box Derby

Want to Enter the Soap Box Derby?

The Pictou Lobster Carnival is actively seeking Soap Box Derby participants for our July festival
The Derby Races take place on Battery hill. Registration for the races begins at 9am with the racing underway at 10am. The races start off with two participants at the top of the hill, when the announcer says go, the two participants race to the bottom of the hill. The first participant who crosses the finish line wins. The winner will then continue on to the next race against a new challenger. This continues until all participants have ran down the hill. The winner of the last race wins the Derby Race title, his or her challenger wins second and the loser of the second last race wins third.

Thanks to King Freight Truck ( Delbert Welsh ) all participants and their cars are able to participate in the Mardi Gras Parade. Jimmy ties down all the cars to the flat bed of his truck and the participants sit inside the car while going through the parade.

Rules and Regulations:
The Soapbox Derby Races are run by the Pictou and Area Lions Club
The Lions Club will look after registration, timing runs and the actual races
Two participants go at the same time, winner moves on to the next round against a new opponent, this continues until all children have run and the fastest child wins
Derby car must have breaking system
Children must wear helmets
Seat belts are optional
John Wilson         902-485-4729
Lyle MacDougall     902-331-1896
Delbert Welsh     902-485-6530

Soap Box Derby Registration Form