Bed Races

The Pictou Lobster Carnival is urgently seeking Bed Race participants for our July festival!
The Pictou Lobster Carnival Bed Races are an exciting, high-energy team race using a modified bed on wheels. Teams of 5 or more people (4 bed pushers and one “driver”) compete head-to-head for the fastest time, and the 1st place trophy! Plus, there’s a trophy for the best team spirit! We encourage costumes, decorations, themes, and to have fun!


  • Teams must have 5 racers (4 runners and 1 rider).

  • Rider must wear a helmet.

  • Race course is almost 1/8th of a mile based on conditions.

  • Two beds will race at once. (Brackets TBD race day)

  • Pushing the bed only during the race, no pulling.

  • All 5 team members must pass the finish line (with the bed) in order to win.

Racing Teams

  • All teams shall consist of one rider, and four runners / pushers or less.

  • Racers under the age of 18 years or younger must have parents written permission to participate. 

During the Race

  • Bed riders must sit or lay flat on the bed.

  • All runners / pushers must be in control of their bed until it comes to a complete stop.

  • Teams should not interfere or impede the progress of an opposing team. 


- All bed racers MUST sign the Waiver of Liability and acknowledgement of the Bed Race Rules and Regulations before participating in the race.

- All runners/pushers should wear athletic shoes suitable for street running.

- Riders must wear an approved helmet. (Bicycle helmet or motorcycle helmet with chin strap secured are considered approved)

- Safety gear such as knee and/or elbow pads are encouraged.

Bed Races Registration Form